Cue Tip Art with Staff Sable

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another art project for you kiddos! I’ve been keeping really busy with thinking of more projects for you guys and testing them out to see if they were easy, breezy, and fun. But, it has been so nice out these past few days that I think it would be a really good idea if you guys wanted to take advantage of warm weather and did some of these art projects outside!

This week’s project is a painting art project. I’ve decided to do a painting project this time. It is a cue-tip painting project, and it is amazingly easy and simple.

First, grab a blank canvas, poster, blank piece of paper, or whatever you want to paint on, and set it on a flat surface, ready to be painted on. I chose canvas because I wanted to try doing art on something different, I always use printer paper or whatever else I can get my hands on, plus I wanted to make it a bit “fancier” to give my grandmother a late Mother’s Day gift.

Like all other art projects, you are going to want to gather all of the supplies you will need during your project, we always gather the supplies in advance so that we don’t have to keep stopping in the middle of projects to get things that we need next.

Anywho, before we start our project, we need to gather our supplies. First, gather the major component, get cue-tips, if your family doesn’t have an abundance at home, a pack of three-hundred are only a dollar at the Dollar Tree.

The next thing that needs to be gathered is your paint, it can be any paint that you have, I used acrylic paint because it’s bolder and it stands out more, that’s what I wanted for my design. And I haven’t tried it yet, but with enough coats, I think that watercolors might be able to work on these projects as well, they will definitely be lighter and not stand out as much, but that could be a cute style by itself too.

Lastly, you need to get a paint pallet or a piece of cardboard, or something solid that you can put your paint on. Then you need to get a little piece of paper towel or a tissue or a rag to be able to set your cue-tips on so that they don’t stain anything.

Now it is time to actually start working on your project. You have gotten your supplies ready so that you don’t have to worry about that anymore, now all that is left is to start the project, have fun while you’re doing it, and get an awesome finished project.

Now, I cannot draw from my imagination for the life of me, so I decided to look for inspiration. I ended up choosing to do something like this design. So, the next step I urge you to do is either think of something you want to create from your brain, or look at designs online and pick one of those.

You’re now going to want to sketch out your design, only if you want to. I sketch out my designs whenever I do art projects so that way I will have a little more guidance when actually getting in and painting.

Then you are going to want to go through the paint that you gathered in the beginning and pick out the colors that you are gonna want to use. These are the colors that I wanted to use in the design I chose.

Once you have picked the colors you want to paint with, you should take them and put them on your paint pallet, or whatever you chose to put your paint on. You’re going to want it at the ready so that you can have immediate access to the colors you need when you need them.

Now is the time you’ve all been waiting for! We start painting. All you need to do is take your cue-tips, dip the tip in the paint, and then make your dot. Now, if you make a mistake, do not worry! Just go with the flow on the mistake and create something around it so that it doesn’t seem like a mistake so that it only seems like a part of your painting.

If you keep going with your painting, which I encourage you to do (!), then you’ll start to see great progress in whatever design you chose to paint. This process is relatively easy and breezy once you get into, but by no means is a five minute craft or anything like that.

And if you keep working on it until you feel that you have finished your project, then you should get an amazing outcome. And remember, your eye is the most critical thing that will ever hit your art, meaning you’re most likely the only one that might think it’s bad. But you made it! You hopefully had fun making it! That is all that matters, kiddos! If you have fun making it and you make it with love, that is the most beautiful piece of artwork out there:)

This is my final product and what I ended up coming up with. I encourage you guys if you would like, to share what you come up with, all our staff from the Boys and Girls Club would love to see whatever you guys make!

Staff Sable:)


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