Journal Prompts 5/25

Updated: May 26

Welcome back Boys and Girls Club members! Here are a couple more prompts for you to try out this week. I miss you all so much! Keep on keepin’ on! 

  • Name and describe a person, a place, a memory, or an object that makes you feel calm or happy. 

  • Name one thing you want to change about yourself, and three things you love about yourself. 

  • Make a list of your top 10 favorite foods, and your top ten least favorite foods. 

  • Randomly make a bunch of dots on your paper, then connect the dots in any order you like. What do you see? Can you see more than one thing? Below is my example of this little activity. I found a dragon in mine, but I had to turn the drawing sideways to see it. 

Have fun!! :)


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