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Journal Prompts 6/1

Welcome back BGC members! This week I have a couple prompts plus a link to a cute craft project where you can make your own mini notebook! I actually ran a program where we did this project at the club a while ago, it's a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy :D  Today's Prompts:

  • What does strength mean to you? Write about a time when you were strong. 

  • Count how many doors, windows, and lights you have in your home, then list them all here. 

  • Think of a color, now describe that color without writing the word for the color. Read your passage to someone and see if they can guess the color you were trying to describe. 

Mini Notebook DIY video link:

All you need is a regular piece of paper, scissors, and things to decorate it with! Here is the one I made!



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