Warhammer Painting with Greg

Hello everyone! I figured I would do a little blog on the new models I have been picking up for Warhammer 40k and the process I am going through building and painting them. I may also talk a little about the model itself if there is any interest in that or not.

To start with, the other month I had picked up a box set called “Saga of the Beast” and had already built and primed some of the models before I started keeping track for this.

This box came with more models for my Space Wolves army that makes it’s showing at the Club. It also comes with models for an army we don’t have, Orcs, that either I or Charlie will start. I mostly got out of this: updated rules for my army, as well as a new Ragnar Blackmane model and a squad of 10 infantry. Ragnar is who I am working on this time.

So, Ragnar here is one of the many special characters for the Space Wolves, also of a few books that Games Workshop did, and he recently got an updated model and rules. I was very hesitant on painting him at first because he has such a detailed face, and faces are not my strong suit to paint. I chose to start with his cloak instead.

I started to paint his wolf pelt cloak black because the wolf is came from was a Blackmane wolf (hence his name).

Still avoiding him face, I started to work on some detail and started his sword (called Frostfang). Here, I’ve been making use of metallic shiny paint to do the details. So, like, the red and gold on his belt, the gold on his legs, backpack and rings in his hair.

Here, our furry new friend (named Milo Catpurrnicus) decided to join me, and tried to run off with Ragnar in his mouth.

After a few hours of work, and misbehaving cat, this is where I stopped for the day. I was able to complete his face somewhat. I was also able to paint the chain across his chest and work a little more on the sword. I still have some more details to work on and spots to touch up before I call him good to go. This weekend should see Ragnar done and me starting to work on the other infantry models. I may have a few more things to show off for the next post I do!



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